How You Armani Diamonds Perfume Your Customers Can Make Or Break Your …

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Armani Diamonds women are not scared to be themselves. She doesn't live in clouds. She's confident, which is something she learns through walking. The Armani Diamonds woman is audacious and has a ferocious will and a hilarious world. She is a kaleidoscope. The men love her sensual and women are inspired by every move. It's no surprise that Armani Diamonds perfume is so popular.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani's Thierry Wasser fragrance is a sweet floral scent that is suitable for women. The scent is characterized by a top note of lychee and middle notes of rose, freesia, and lily of the valley. The base notes are vetiver and patchouli. Armani Diamonds is one of the most famous fragrances of Thierry Wasser.

The fragrance begins with a mix of lily-of the-valley, raspberry patchouli, rose, and cedar. It is complemented by vanilla and amber. The scent isn't as stimulating in spite of its sweet scent. This scent is sure to please every woman, regardless of gender. It's not only a beautiful fragrance for women but it can also be enjoyed by men.

The Giorgio Armani Diamonds fragrance range is a classic feminine scent that has been a favorite for many women for a long time. Its eight different versions are ideal for all kinds of occasions, and are sure to please any woman. This scent combines of sweet aquatic notes , and a woody vanilla base. It is suitable for all age groups. There's even a women's edition of Giorgio Armani Diamonds for men.

There are several other scents available in the Giorgio Armani diamonds line. The original Eau de Parfum has been removed. However the female version of the perfume is now available as an Eau de Toilette. The latest versions are based upon the original Diamonds scent, but they have edible notes. The Emporio armani diamond perfume Diamonds Violet is also part of the Giorgio Armani diamonds collection.


Armani Diamonds is a classic scent for women. This luxurious fragrance was launched in 2007 and features notes of raspberry, freesia and vetiver. These scents will make you feel stylish, confident and armani perfume diamonds attractive. This perfume is the perfect complement to your casual outings. Here are a few scent notes that will make it an essential item.

Armani Diamonds' fragrance is a fruity, floral gourmand. It's intended to be a sensual scent suitable for evenings out. It is a fruity lychee scent that starts off and then turns into a classy bouquet of florals. This scent is perfect for women who appreciate florals and gourmands. The fragrance is a great choice for any woman who appreciates a unique scent, and is sure to be a conversation-starter.

Armani Diamonds for women's top notes are raspberry patchouli, as well as litchi. The heart notes include freesia, rose, cedar and vetiver. The base notes include vanilla and amber. For a more masculine scent think about a man's version. This scent will be loved by a woman as much as it is for her. This cologne is perfect for any occasion, and will last for years.

Emporio Armani Diamonds is a nice value for money, and is often discounted as it becomes old. It's also great for women who prefer lighter scents. If you're a fan of the Eau De Parfum version, it's worth looking into. It was for a brief time available as an Eau de Toilette variant, but it's no more available. There is also the lighter Eau de Toilette version, however, they're no longer available.


Sillage in Armani Diamonds is low, but you'll still experience a bit of the fragrance as you move around. Sillage is the percentage that perfume is easily detected by the person next to you. The scent is light, so it is not a problem for people to smell you in public. Visit the blog for the fragrance to check out the sillage of Armani Diamonds. Here's a listing of the fragrances properties.

Si - The original Armani Diamonds fragrance features a fruity top note of bergamot. The fragrance has the heart of jasmine as well as heliotrope, blackcurrant liqueur, and patchouli. It has a long lasting sillage and is suitable for evening wear. The bottle is made of the most vibrant red lacquered. This fragrance is for sophisticated women.

Sky - This scent is a symbol of optimism and lightness. It features a floral bouquet, and is very feminine. It also has white musk in its base notes. The sillage of Armani Diamonds is moderate. Many women have said it's very pleasant. Some people find the scent too sweet. It's recommended to people who are fond of flowers and don't have hair that is excessively long.

Sillage - The sillage of the Armani Diamonds perfume depends on the amount of sprays that are used. In small areas, a perfume with a high sillage could be too powerful. The nature of the human body determines how many sprays are needed. The more you use a fragrance, the greater the sillage. A high-quality perfume will leave an indelible mark on fabric or leather.

Sillage - Armani Diamonds has a great sillage. However, you'll be required to wear it to fully appreciate its long-lasting effectiveness. Popularity of armani diamonds woman Diamonds perfume depends on its sillage. However, a higher sillage can make the perfume more appealing to the public. If you're looking to have the best scent, you should wear it frequently.


A scent that is both classic and sophisticated, Armani Diamonds is a excellent scent to wear anytime. The perfume is a blend of exotic florals and also cedar, Armani Diamonds woman lychee and raspberry notes. The price of an armani diamond diamonds perfume can vary however it is worth it. Here are some facts about the cult fragrance. It's one of the most expensive colognes. Make sure you read reviews before purchasing.

The scent is a mix of sweet fruit notes and smokiness. It's a pleasant scent. The rich chocolate notes are backed by a hint of Bergamot to prevent the scent from becoming too heavy. Gaiac wood notes are also present to enhance the chocolate notes. The addition of pepper brings warmth, but does not make Diamonds an overwhelming scent. It's an excellent choice for cold days.


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